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What the Baby Sleep Guide covers

Baby Sleep Basics

Learn everything there is to know about your child's sleep, way beyond sleep associations and bad habits. You will finally understand why your baby is sleeping the way they are. Learn how the family dynamic, the right sleeping arrangement, and the temperament of your baby can influence their sleep. This will pave the way to working on your baby's natural sleep.

Settling Guide

Learn how your baby can settle your baby to sleep peacefully. Whether you are rocking to sleep, nursing to sleep, and need to stay in the room, we have the right techniques to gently wean your baby from parental help. Without stress or leaving your baby to cry alone. These are long-term solutions guaranteed to work way beyond toddlerhood.

Schedules by Age

Carefully designed sleep schedules will help you create daily routines while still being flexible. Optimal nap times and wake windows will contribute to better naps and nighttime sleep. Troubleshooting sections help you address specific sleep problems, from early wakings to catnapping. Also, learn how to handle night wakings appropriate to baby's age.


Conventional sleep training and quick solutions often don't work! You are back to square one once you hit a rough patch. It is also not a pleasant experience for many parents and babies. So many of us just don't want to let their baby cry it out.


You don't have to wait it out, and you don't have to let your baby cry! Stop obsessing about bad sleep habits and bad sleep associations. Adjust your expectations and gently work your way towards independent sleep with our sleep guide.

"Your parenting experience does not have to revolve only around your baby's sleep. Your baby is more than that. You are more than that."

How The Baby Way Sleep Guide differs from other programs

Our sleeping guide...

covers all ages, newborn to toddler. No need to buy single sleep programs or expensive bundles. You will get the complete package.

is affordable to all families. A one time payment of only $29. No subscription, no single programs. No parent should suffer from constant ongoing sleep deprivation.

builds on the belief that a child being able to sleep by themselves is based on trust and attachment. No “conventional” sleep training methods that include separation and crying.

relies on results and data from scientific research conducted in the field of children's sleep

most importantly, wants you to stop obsessing about your baby’s sleep. Your baby is perfect. We will just help them along a little bit.

This guide is for you if

  • Your newborn is often unsettled and has difficulties falling asleep.

  • Your baby only has short naps (aka cat naps) or is fighting naps.

  • Your baby never sleeps in the crib but only in your arms.

  • Your baby is frequently waking at night, never having a good stretch of sleep.

  • Your toddler is fighting bedtime or requires your presence until asleep.

  • Bedtime has become a daily struggle for your child and your whole family.

  • All you can think about is your baby's sleep.

  • Choose from a variety of gentle settling techniques that will help your baby fall asleep peacefully.

  • Help your baby gently to sleep for longer stretches at night without letting them cry.

  • Get your baby to love the crib with gentle and playful methods.

  • Learn how to set up a safe and comforting sleeping environment that promotes better naps and nighttime sleep.

  • Lay the foundation for positive sleep practices and healthy sleep habits for years to come.

  • Transform bedtime to a bonding experience the whole family will enjoy.

  • See past your baby's sleep and enjoy parenthood!

What parents are saying

"Before I became a mom, I had never really researched baby sleep, so when our little girl arrived, I was thrown into cold waters. There was so much information out there. We're so happy we found this sleep guide! We learned a ton about baby sleep, and the settling techniques helped us reduce night wakings. Our 16-month-old is now sleeping through the night even though we're still present until she falls asleep."

-Rachel, USA

"I would recommend the guide over and over again. It helped me learn so much about baby sleep, and I am thankful for all the tips in this ebook. Bedtime was a real struggle for us, and this guide was a game changer. Now our whole family has learned to be more aware of our children's needs and there is no more anxiety when it comes to bedtime."

-Laura, Germany

"I’m so happy I found this ebook! We never wanted to let our baby cry it out, but I was so exhausted from all the catnapping and night wakes. After 3 weeks of full dedication, she was sleeping 2 hours in her crib at 4 months old! She also suffered from minor reflux and tummy troubles, and I found some great tips to help her through it! Thank you so much!"

-Yael, Israel

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